Other Staff

Health Trainers

The Health Trainer holds weekly clinics on Tuesday afternoon. She is available to discuss any general healthy living issues such as smoking cessation, alcohol intake, exercise regimes etc. Appointments can be booked via reception or directly by the Health Trainer.


Counsellors specialise in short-term, focussed work, usually for 6 weeks or less, including dealing with bereavement, stress management, anxiety/depression, coping with diagnosis and family relationship problems. We have a counsellor available at the practice fortnightly.


Podiatrists (used to be called Chiropodists), specialise in care of the feet, especially for people with diabetes and people with serious circulatory problems.


The practice employs a handyman on a casual part time basis to keep the grounds tidy and free of litter. Please help him by taking your litter home and reporting any faults or defects.